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Printer Passbook IBM 9068 A03

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Printer Passbook ibm 9068 A03 , cocok untuk validasi perbankan
GARANSI hub: 08170015572/ 08165410186 / 081399636202
, offers the ultimate in passbook and document printer that provides high print throughput, versatility, and high usability.
The IBM 9068 A03 are 24-wire impact printers that attach to PCs and provide the following benefits.
* Improves the productivity of the operator by providing one of the highest print performance in the industry.
* Prints on variety of print media including passbooks, slips, checks, multi-part cutforms, and envelopes that come in wide range of sizes and thicknesses commonly used by financial institutions.
* Sophisticated paper handling capability frees operators from such things as aligning documents, adjusting for paper thickness, and positioning the paper for print registration.
* Quiet operation ( less than 54dB) will not interrupt conversation.
* Allows more freedom in selecting software solution through the support of both IBM and non-IBM emulations.
* Long life ink ribbon cartridge ( 10 M characters) frees operators from the need to replace ribbon cartridges up to 6 months depending on the usage. This also helps reduce the cost of ownership.
* Allows more freedom in the selection of attachment ports by having serial RS232, parallel, and USB ports on each printer ( USB port available from January 2001) .
* This also provides the migration path from one attachment to the other.
* Optional REMS feature eliminates operation step for the operator to swipe passbooks through magnetic stripe reader by reading and encoding magnetic stripes on a passbook automatically under program control.
* Model A03
* Passbook Size( cover open w/ o mag) :
Horizontal Fold : 102mm-241mm ( W) X 99mm-210mm ( L) max 1.8mm thick
Vertical Fold : 127mm-241mm ( W) X 99mm-210mm ( L) max 1.8mm thick
Cutform Size: 66mm-241mm ( W) X 69mm-711 ( L) max 6 ply
* Print Span: 3mm to 238mm from left paper edge
* Print Speed: ( 10 cpi) 330cps ( fast draft 48dpi) 260cps ( standard 60dpi) 130cps ( quality 120dpi)
* Operating System: IBM DOS 5.0 or later, IBM OS/ 2® 2.0 or later, Windows NT® 3.51 and 4.0, Windows® 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000
* Emulation: IBM 4722, IBM ProPrinter X24, Olivetti PR2, others upon request
REMS ( option) : F/ 2F, 210bpi, IBM 3600/ 4700, ISO, and DIN types ( supported for bi-directional serial and USB attachment)
* Document Alignment: Automatic
* Paper Thickness Adjust: Automatic
* Dimension & Weight: 380mm ( W) X 313mm ( D) X 185mm ( H) , 8.5kg ( w/ o REMS) 9.5kg( w/ REMS)

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